Résumé - Curriculum Vitae


Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using Python and PostgreSQL.

Bachelor's degree in Systems Analysis from Morón University, obtained a Master's degree on Free Software from the Open Unversity of Catalunya. Also completed a "professorship" after-degree teaching qualification program (Bachelor of Science Education B.Sc.Ed. equivalent) in the National Technological University (UTN).

Working on my own startup formed by an open group of independent professionals, dedicated to software development, training and technical support, focusing open source tools.
Work experience includes develompment of large bussiness applications (ERP, SCM, CRM) and mission critical systems (election counting, electronic voting, 911 emergency events support).

Started as Teaching Assistant, now teaches several official accredited courses to System Analyst and Network Technicians higher education students. Also, currently is implementing the "Diploma on Free Software" educational program at the University del Este.

Speaker and presenter at several local and international conferences, coordinated several regional PgDays and PyDays, being the PyCon Argentina 2012 National Python Conference chair.
Also offers training, seminars and workshops to private companies and open events.

Current free software & open source positions, membership or initiatives:
Married with two children, lives near Buenos Aires city, Argentina.
See also: Linked-in Profile - GitHubGoogleCode Profile - Commercial References  - Twitter: @reingart

Computer Skills:

  • GUI and WEB Rapid Application development, Agile Methodologies (Scrum); UML
  • Programming Languages: Python; Visual Basic; PHP, C/C++, SQL
  • Enviroments: Win32, Linux, Embebed Linux (uCLinux ARM).
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Access, Sqlite, MySQL; ODBC, DAO, ADO and native interfaces.
  • OS: Linux: Slackware/Debian/Ubuntu (Apache, PostgreSQL, Samba, Postfix, Squid, etc.); Android; Windows 9x/NT/XP/7/8/10

Free software projects:

Free software enthusiast since 1997, with actively participation since 2006 in the following projects and communities:


Free software interfaces & tools for AFIP webservices -Argentina federal tax agency, similar to US IRS - (electronic invoice, agriculture, foreing trade, customs, currency exchange, tax bonus, etc.), ANMAT National Medical Drugs Traceability Program, ARBA (electronic shipping note, Buenos Aires Province), etc. The prject is widely used (not only from Python, but also from legacy languages like VB, VFP, Cobol, xBase, etc. and .NET / Java), with an online community forum of more then 800+ users: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!aboutgroup/pyafipws
http://code.google.com/p/pyafipws/ or https://github.com/reingart/pyafipws (creator and maintainer)

RAD2PY (ide2py / psp2py):

Python platform, IDE and libraries for Rapid Application Development with quality assurance and performance self-improvement using the Personal Software Process (SM):
http://code.google.com/p/rad2py or https://github.com/reingart/rad2py (creator and maintainer)


Library to make client and server interfaces for webservice (SOAP) using a pythonic RPC API (python types instead of artifacts or class generation), automatic marshalling (serialization) and simple XML Element manipulation
http://code.google.com/p/pysimplesoap or https://github.com/pysimplesoap/pysimplesoap (creator and maintainer)


Port of FPDF PHP library, pure-python to generate PDF documents, including a GUI designer for templates and basic html2pdf converter:
http://code.google.com/p/pyfpdf or https://github.com/reingart/pyfpdf (maintainer)


Simple replication solution for postgres
http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pyreplica/ (creator and maintainer)


Lightweigh library and tools to easily build  visual GUI-like application using wxPython. Fork of PythonCard, with many modernizations and improvements.
http://code.google.com/p/gui2py or https://github.com/reingart/gui2py  (fork creator and maintainer)


Pure-python connector for PostgreSQL
http://code.google.com/p/pg8000 (fork maintainer and contributor, currently discontinued with some features included in the original project)


Access to PostgreSQL database migrator
http://pgfoundry.org/projects/access2pgsql/ (creator and maintainer)


Web framework. Major contributions: Error snapshot enhancements, online editor syntax checker, contrib libraries integration (PyFPDF generation, SOAP webservices), online web-based debugger (pdb), web2py-py3k porting proof-of-concept, pg8000 support, minor bugfixes:
https://github.com/web2py/web2py and http://code.google.com/r/reingart-web2py/

Some web applications developed with web2py:
  • web2conf: Conference management and registration system, originally developed for PyCon US 2009, used in more than 10 events in Argentina (currently hosting ar.pycon.org for 3rd year)
    http://code.google.com/p/web2conf (maintainer)
  • GestionLibre: Free Software Migration of own legacy ERP-style system using PostgreSQL, Python, Web2Py, WxPython
    http://code.google.com/p/gestionlibre (early development stage by now)
  • ampatu: 911 computer assisted dispatch system using web2py
    http://code.google.com/p/ampatu/ (early development stage by now)
  • recuento_web2py: vote counting & election results  application using web2py (used in a provincial election, recently loaded with public national data)
    https://github.com/MSA-Argentina/recuento_web2py (educational / experimental version)


Multi-platform GUI Toolkit. Major contributions: enhancements, several fixes and integration of wxQT (port using the Qt toolkit); many Android support changes; wxPython / Phoenix minor adjustments.http://www.wxwidgets.org/ & https://github.com/wxWidgets/wxWidgets (developer/commiter)

Spanish Translation Projects:

PostgreSQL related: PgInstaller, OneClickInstaller, PgAdminIII and official documentation (maintainer and/or contributor). Wiki and Pootle efforts.
Web2Py related: spanish site, examples, wiki (maintainer and/or contributor).
CPython internationalization propossal (stalled):
http://python.org.ar/pyar/TracebackInternationalizationProposal & GSoC tentative project

Other minor projects:

Contributor and/or maintainer: see http://code.google.com/u/reingart/
proxymin, svn-load, pyfiscalprinter planet-web2py
Some minor colaborations/contributions to: web2Py-wiki, web2conf, pycon-tech, DrPython, FCKEditor (wsgi connector), Psycopg2 and Trac Plugins (some unpublished yet)

Users groups participation:

ArPUG: PostgreSQL Argentina Users Group:

Webmaster, PgDay 2008 organization colaborator, 2012 & 2013 chair, mailing list administrator, wiki documentation contributor, speaker at free talks and conferences

PyAr: Python Argentina Users Group:

PyCon Argentina organization volunteer, 2012 chair, wiki documentation contributor, speaker at free talks and conferences

Web2Py Spanish Users Group:

Webmaster, group administrator, wiki documentation contributor, speaker at free talks and conferences

Ubuntu Argentina Local Community Team:


Teaching and Speaking Events:

PgDay 2008 Rio de la Plata

PyReplica (talk)
November 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meeting at ACP (Programmer Club Association) 2009 and 2010

Electronic Invoice, Python & Free software (talk)
Febrary 2009 and June 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina


PostgreSQL & PyReplica (talk)
April 2009, Quilmes, Argentina

PgDay 2009 UNNOBA

Pgsql vs Mysql, PyReplica
June 2009, Junin, Argentina

Python course at ACP (Programmer Club Association) 2009 and 2010

Introducing Python, standard library, common extensions, GUI (wxPython) and WEB (django/web2py)
June/July 2009 and July 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2009

PostgreSQL & Pl/Python (talk)
September 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Course - VsTour (Private)

PostgreSQL Training
September 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PgCon Brazil 2009

Introducing PyReplica (talk)
October 2009, Campiñas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Conurbania 2009 Conference

PyAfipWs (Electronic Invoice AFIP-Argentina IRS- python implementation)
November 2009, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Course (Private/Rafaela county Startup)

Python (web2py)/PostgreSQL/Ubuntu Training
Sept.Oct.Nov. 2009, Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina

Course - Cyclelogic (Private)

PostgreSQL Training
March 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PostgreSQL course at ACP (Programmer Club Association)

Introducing PostgreSQL: Relational Model, Normalization, SQL, Optimization, Programming interfaces
March 2010 - May 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Training - VkSur Infor & ACES (both private)

Electronic Invoice (PyAfipWs) Training
April 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

FLISOL 2010 González Catán (InstallFest)

Site Coordinator and PostgreSQL/Python Speaker
April 2010, González Catán, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyDay Rafaela 2010

Organization Colaborator and Web2py (talk) and PostgreSQL (lighting talk) Speaker
May 2010, Rafaela, Santa Fé, Argentina

PyDay Buenos Aires 2010

Organizator and Web2py (talk/tutorial) Speaker
Sept. 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Python Argentina "Open Talks" at "La Tribu"

Web2py/wxPython (talks) Speaker
Sept/Oct. 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2010

Organization colaboration and Web2py/PostgreSQL/PyAfipWs (talks) Speaker
Oct. 2010, Córdoba, Argentina

JRSL 2010

Web2py tutorial, PostgreSQL 911
October 2010, San Luis, Argentina

Conurbania 2010 Conference

Web2py introduction
November 2010, Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Course - Correo Argentino -Postal Service- (Private)

PostgreSQL Training
December 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyDay Gonzalez Catan 2011

Organizator and Speaker
July 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre 2011

Python & Free Electronic Invoice talk
September 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2011

Webmaster, Reviewer and Speaker (a tutorial, a talk and a panel)
September 2011, Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

JRSL 2011

Web2py tutorial, RAD Python talk
October 2011, Salta, Argentina

PyCon US 2012

Poster presenter, WebDev summit panel speaker, web2py sprint coordinator
March 2012, Santa Clara, California, U.S.A.

41° JAIIO - Jornadas Argentinas de Informática 2012

Speaker (JSL: free software symposium) and Poster presenter (EST)
June 2012, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PgDay Buenos Aires 2012

November 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2012

Conference Chair
November 2012, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2013

November 2013, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

PgDay Buenos Aires 2013

Organizer & Speaker
November 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina

43° JAIIO - Jornadas Argentinas de Informática 2014

Speaker (STS: symposium on technology and society)
September 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina

CISL 2011, 2013, 2014

Speaker (Electronic-Invoice tutorial, Free Software Education & RAD Python talks)
October 2014 (last edition), Buenos Aires, Argentina

FocoLibre 2014

Speaker (Education talk) - Free Knowledge forum
October 2014, Quilmes University, Buenos Aires, Argentina

44° JAIIO - Jornadas Argentinas de Informática 2015

Speaker & Panelist (STS: symposium on technology and society & ASSE: Argentine Symposium on Software Engineering)
June 2015, Rosario, Argentina

PyCon Argentina 2015 / PyCon Spain 2015

"PyZombis" Lightning talk presenter (presentation / video)
Mendoza, Argentina & Valencia, Spain

Work Experience:

Sistemas Ágiles ("Agile Systems")

Self-employment - IT consulting entrepreneurship
April 2002 - Present
Freelance developer of business applications using VB, PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, on Linux and Windows

Blaise Pascal Technological Institute

Teacher - Higher Education
April 2009 - Present
Accredited Proprietary College (Tertiary Education)

  • Database Design and Implementation: Entity-Relationship and Relational Models, Normalization, Formal Query Languages and SQL, PostgreSQL Administration and Optimization.
  • Operating Systems: GNU/Linux shell and basic concepts. File systems and primitives. Process system calls, synchronization and intercomunication (unix sockets). Memory Management.
  • Computer Networks: Introduction to Internetworking. OSI Reference Model. TCP/IP protocol stack. Socket Primitives and Applications (HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, etc.). Basic router and gateway configuration.
  • Professional Practice (Intership final work course): Project Managment and Software Development using Free Software - Trac, SVN, Python (web2py), PostgreSQL

Magic Software Argentina S.A. (MSA Group)

Freelance Developer - IT Services
June 2009 - 2013
  • Implementation of a custom Python + PostgreSQL syncronic replication for high availability solution, based on PyReplica, and other minor tasks (modifications to election counting and electronic voting systems).
  • Instructor Course PuntoGob - Municipality of Rafaela, Santa Fe (GNU/Linux, Python, PostgreSQL, Trac & SVN, web2py).

Lambda Sistemas SRL

Analyst/Programmer - Computer Software
March 2007 - December 2010
Python (wxPython, Django) and PostgreSQL Developer of "Fierro" software and other projects

Buenos Aires Province Police - La Matanza radiostation

Ad-honorem colaboration (Community Service)
1998 - 2010

Application Developer, DBA, SysAdmin and Consulting: 911 Emergency Management System using Linux+PostgreSQL back-end and VB front-end.


Escuela Modelo DEVON S.A.

Developer and Teaching assistant - Primary/Secondary Education
February 1997 - March 2002
Application Developer, DBA and Network Administrator
Computer Lab Teaching Assistant


rad2py: A platform for Rapid Application Development under the Personal Software Process / Rapid development of high quality Free Software:

PyAfipWs: webservices, PDF generation (electronic invoice) and interoperability with legacy programming languages

Programación Python para Zombis (Python programming for zombies)

  • MOOC based on Fernando Masanori "Python para zumbis" brazilian course 
  • Topics: programming literacy, inclusion, diversity 
  • Final Work - Educative technology & Distance Education workshops - National Technical University 
  • Working Paper (Draft September-November 2015) 
  • Short presentation / video (lighting talk in PyCon Argentina 2015 & PyCon Spain 2015)

Open Diploma on Free Software (undergraduate 1 year courses program)

Open Source and Free Software Engineering (undergraduate accredited course)

  • Paper (September 2014) 43° JAIIO - STS 2014 - ISSN: 2362-5139 - pp 271 -285, co-autored with Juan B. Cabral, Ricardo Medel, Nestor Navarro (National Technological University, Córdoba Regional Faculty, Argentina)

Institutional Curriculum Project oriented to free software

  • Blaise Pascal Technological Institute
  • Systems Analyst three-years Bachelor's degree
  • Topics: education, linux, postgresql, python, free software
  • Working Paper (Draft January 2010)

911 Event Management System

web2py aplication development cookbook


  • Speak, read, write Spanish (native tongue)
  • Speak, read, write Technical English (almost fluid)


Honors & Grants:

  • Bernardo A. Houssay Foundation, Scholarship, 1993-1995
  • Google Summer of Code 2014: accepted student - successfully completed project
  • Open University of Catalonia: passed with honors (academic distinction) "Free software economics & business models aspects", "Legal aspects of free software" and "Final research work" (Master's thesis)  courses.

References available upon request.

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